The ARHS-ACT is fast becoming the 30 class capital. Not only is the museum located in the countries capital, Canberra, but we are also the caretakers of several 30 class steam locomotives, 3016 and 3102 both of which started life as tank locomotives on the Sydney suburban network, before being converted to tender engines when they were replaced by the electric red rattlers in the mid 1900's.

As if that is not enough, we have just been gifted 3013 by David Burke, which will be moved to Canberra in the coming months from Cowra, where it has been under a protracted, and unfinished restoration.

If you visit the museum, you will also see another 30 class tank engine, 3112, though a fence on the north of the property. Not often used these days, and in need of some routine maintenance, 3112 is privately owned, and has been used occasionally by the museum for tourist work.


3013 was recently gifted to the society by David Burke, and will soon arrive in Canberra. It is currently in many pieces and located in the Cowra roundhouse, where it has been under the care of the Lachlan Valley Railway. The loco will be surveyed when it arrives to determine its condition and set a direction for its reassembly and restoration.

The photos below give some idea of the task ahead.

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